Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Surge Read-A-Thon: Spell It Out Challenge

I have been enjoying this read-a-thon so far. This week it is following along with the Booktubeathon, which I have not been as successful with that TBR list as I had hoped. Still, so far this week I have finished five books, and I feel like that is pretty good so far! Today is the first challenge for the Summer Surge Read-A-Thon, and I decided to participate. 

Spell It Out Challenge: 
Use the first letter of any book read so far this year to spell out a Summer themed word that is 5 letters or more. If the title begins with The, A or An, move into the following word. Letters Q, V, X, Z can be anywhere in the title. 

S - She is Not Invisible
U - Unbreakable
N - New Moon: The Graphic Novel
S - (the) Screaming Divas
H - Heart Shaped Rock
I - If I Stay
N - Naturals
E - Ex-Factor

*Edited: Didn't read carefully enough to see they were supposed to be books I've read this year, oops! It's been fixed now :] 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I thought it was appropriate since I'm wishing for sunshine today as it's been storming since this morning!

  2. I've heard of some of the books. Did you enjoy them?

    1. I actually didn't read carefully to see that they were books I've read this year, so I've had to change it. I did enjoy most of the ones I included, though :]

  3. Another really summery word, that's really good Tiffany. I read a few of these, If I Stay, Unbreakable and a snippet or two of She Is Not Invisible and enjoyed them, so I glad you did too. Thank you for participating! :)

  4. everyone's word is so much better than mine haha.

    I've read If I Stay and Naturals (if its The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes)
    a few on your list I actually want to read, so great picks :)

  5. You managed to spell out a very long word! I found it hard to find one where I could actually get all the letters. I managed quite a long one in the end and felt quite proud of myself. I've only read If I Stay and The Naturals (if that's the one you mean) and I enjoyed both of those. Great picks :) You can find my answers here.


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