Monday, April 28, 2014

Xtra Special Book (See What I Did There?) #AtoZChallenge

So, the librarian at the school I work at and I have a really good relationship. (In fact, I helped her move around some shelves of books today during my conference period as she prepares for the end of the year and having a massive amount of books returned.) On more than one occasion this year (try 5 or 6) she had to have books sent from other schools to ours because we did not have something that I was desperate to read. She seems to know my taste at this point (which is really anything YA, on the older side). Last week, she came into my room and handed me the book This Star Won't Go Out. I was not sure what it was at first, but she explained that John Green was inspired by Esther Earl when he was writing The Fault in Our Stars (a book she knows I love), and this was a book all about her. I really enjoyed it, and it was certainly eXtra special. Keep a look out for a review to hit the blog very soon.

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