Monday, April 7, 2014

Favorite Bookish Things #AtoZChallenge

As book lovers, we often love to have other bookish items (other than the books themselves) to add to our wonderful collections. There are some favorite things that I have had my eye on lately that I would LOVE to eventually purchase, and I thought today would be the perfect day to share some of these things with you; F is for Favorites, after all. Anyone else doing the A-to-Z Challenge and loving it like I am?

Favorite Bookish Things: 

I am in LOVE with this The Fault in Our Stars sweatshirt over at PerksofBeingaWeasley's Etsy page. I think that the price is wonderful, too, so I really cannot wait to have one for myself. I would love to wear it to see the movie! Not a sweatshirt fan? They also have a tee shirt option!

I feel like Etsy just has all sorts of wonderful things, like this Harry Potter kindle cover, made to look like a book itself, which can be found HERE. If you search around Etsy you can find just about any kindle cover you could imagine, which is pretty awesome.

Then you have THESE bookmarks, which are just plain awesome. Not only do they hold your page, but the finger can point to exactly the line you finished up on. Of course, when I fall asleep like the girl above, it usually happens before I can think to bookmark my page at all.

Etsy strikes again! I really can't help it, they have so many awesome things. I feel like I would never actually use these pencils, though, I would just buy them to collect them. I certainly would not allow my students to borrow them as they would not understand how amazing they are!

I don't really lend my books out much. Aside from to my brother, who is actually kind of bad about returning them (maybe I need this more than I thought after all...). Anywho, for anyone that lends out their books often, THIS personal library kit would be wonderful.

What awesome bookish items do you have/want?

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