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Review - Jellybean Kisses: Book One by Amy Evans

Jellybean Kisses: Book One
by Amy Evans 

Category: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary    
Publisher: Amy Evans Inc/Marked Hearts  
Release Date: Feb. 13, 2014
Edition: E-Book
Page Count: 42
Source: Via Mark my Words Book Publicity

Goodreads Synopsis: First love is the sweetest...
a contemporary New Adult serialized romance

This is the first of four novellas coming out between Feb 14th and the end of March about Jax and Jacey, two best friends been acting like a couple in front of everyone for years. Behind the scenes, they're too afraid to even kiss. They have just a few weeks to figure it out before the universe separates them forever.

Jax and Jacey were voted cutest couple in high school, but they've been faking it and lying to everyone, including each other. Jacey's scared to give the gossips more fodder from her family, and Jax is afraid she'll freeze him out if he pushes too hard. They're in an awkward, confusing friendzone even though they both want more.

They've planned to go to college together, and expect things will finally change when they get there. But when plans change, they have to take a risk and get together now, or miss out on a chance at forever.

This is a New Adult series comprised of four novellas. One will come out each week for a month.

Review: I'm going to be honest, this is actually the first novella that I have read. At least that I can remember. Sure, I read smaller things back in school and what not, but I hardly think those things count at all. I don't know why I have not read them before, but I think that I will probably change that in the future. It seems to be a big thing these days, too. Most authors who write series now seem to add a prequel or some kind of other novella, and I know that I will be interested in picking up some of them in the future. What I like about this book is that there will be more of them; that I will get to have more of the characters that I've already fallen in love with, but they will still be short, which are easier for me to read during my conference period at work. 

 I think that my favorite thing about this book was definitely the love story; which is good, since it revolved around it. I love the idea of first love (maybe I am a hopeless romantic). Since I fell in love with my husband in high school, and we are high school sweethearts, I do enjoy reading stories when that happens to the characters as well. Of course, the story between Jacey and Jax is much different than I know. They put each other in the friendzone, though not because there were not feelings there. It was for fear of Jacey becoming her older sister, and Jax fearing what would happen if he pushed the subject when the girl that he loved was not ready. 

It was nice to see the different phases in their lives as well. While part of the story was obviously present time, quite a few parts were different flashbacks of the two of them together; it showed views into their stories and how they fell in love, and it was fun and intriguing to see this happen. I feel that the characters seemed very real, and that is something that I love to find in any contemporary story. I want to believe that these people and their love story could actual exist, even if they are fictional themselves. Overall, I really did enjoy this novella and I look forward to reading the other parts of it in the future. 

Rating: 4.0/5.0 

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