Monday, April 21, 2014

Recommendations #AtoZChallenge

[Can you tell I'm a John Green fan?]

We have reached the lovely letter "R" for the A-to-Z Challenge for April, and honestly I am thrilled with myself for making it this far through! Sure, there have been a couple of days where things have come up, but I have just made them up on the Sundays that were supposed to be "off" days, so I was able to catch up without any problems. I do hope to get through this challenge, and I will be very happy with myself when I complete it! 

For "R" I thought that I would ask for recommendations from my lovely followers/readers! So, what books would you recommend for me to read?


  1. YES I need to read more John Green! Good luck with your R challenge, I have a mind block at the moment so can't recommend any!

  2. Oh, I could go a little bit mad, but I won't. Instead I'll recommend these.
    1) A suitable Girl by Vikram Seth. An epic tale set in 1950's India.
    2) Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. A fictionalized telling of Thomas Cromwell's rise to power. She makes the whole period very real.
    3) The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Hugely popular, a concept that would've put me off if I'd know before I began, but pretty great books, IMO.

    Nice blog, by the way!


  3. Hi there - I blog fiction book reviews so I actually have two I'd like to recommend. One is not new; it is The Testament by John Grisham. The other is a year or two old; it is Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio. I'm going to try to place your post on twitter; I think it's cool that you are asking for our recommendations! :)

  4. RAT by Fernanda Eberstadt is not a YA novel, per se, but the main character is a fifteen-year-old French girl who goes off in search of her father. I really loved this book.


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