Friday, April 25, 2014

Feature & Follow Friday [2]

Last week, I was thrilled with how many awesome new bloggers/blogs I found through this meme, so I decided to join in again this week, and it is probably something that I will try to keep doing! I love meeting other book bloggers, and it seems like a wonderful way to do just that! Want more information on how the whole thing works? Check out the information HERE at Parajunkee.

This Week's Question: 
Have any pets? Tell us or show us. 

Meet Sirius! (Yup, like Sirius Black in Harry Potter!). I found him at the pound last June, right before my husband and I were moving into our first house. We knew we would want a dog, and my husband has a schnauzer growing up, so he seemed perfect. I fell in love right away, he had the sweetest personality, and I paid for him that day before my husband even saw him for the first time! He has been such a sweet baby, and I'm not sure what we would do without him!


  1. Hi Tiffany! Sirius is so adorable!!! And I love the fact that you found him at the pound. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    New GFC follower :) (And I agree, FFF is a great way of connecting with other bloggers and finding new people to follow & connect with)

    My FF

    Obsessive Compulsive Reader

    1. Thank you! I think he is adorable as well, though I know that I might be a bit biased! I was thrilled to adopt a dog that needed a family, too! :]

      I am a new follower as well, via GFC and bloglovin' :]

  2. Happy FF! He looks like a Sirius. Lol. New blog,oven follower
    ❤ Brittany @
    Please Feed the Bookworm❤

  3. Hello! Sirius is adorable!! Just stopping by to say hi!
    New twitter follower

    My #FF @ Miss Behavior Book Blog.


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