Review Policy

General Information:

I will always accept anything within the Young Adult category, but will also accept some Middle Grade and New Adult based on the premise of the book and genre. You can send emails to

I accept print ARCs, eARCSs, finished copies, and some ebooks. If the book is part of a series then I may need the previous books as well.

Accepting Books:

If I accept a book for review, that does not guarantee a review. I will always try to read and review in a timely fashion keeping in mind release dates, but I cannot 100% guarantee this will happen. The best chance for this happening is to receive a book 2-3 months prior to release and/or when you would like the review posted. If you do not have a specified review date, please still allow 2-3 months for the book to be read and reviewed after I receive it.


I will always write a fair and honest review of every book that I read. I am never mean-spirited, nor would I ever attack an author just because I may not have enjoyed the book. I will review every book fairly, while also mentioning what I liked and disliked about each book. I always stress to my readers that just because I may not like a book does not mean that they won't as well. Everyone has different tastes.

On the very rare occasion I have had to put books down (DNF). If this occurs, I will still mention the book and explain why I chose not to finish it and how far I got in the book. I do not give star-ratings to DNF'd books because I do not feel it is fair, as I did not finish reading the book.

Review Structure:

All of my reviews will include the following information:

1. Book Stats: category, genre, publisher, publication date, page count, etc
2. Cover Art
3. Goodreads link/Buy links (Amazon and B&N unless asked to include another)
4. Where I received the book
5. My Review
6. A star rating

All of my reviews will also be posted on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Please let it be known if I should post it somewhere else as well. Along with my written reviews on my blog, I also have a Youtube channel where I will occasionally post reviews as well.

Star Rating:

1 Star: I did not like the book, but I was able to get through it.
2 Stars: This book was okay, but adding/adjusting qualities would have made it better.
3 Stars: The book was good; I enjoyed it well enough.
4 Stars: This book was very good. I would recommend it to most people.
5 Stars: This book was wonderful. The writing was great, and it is a book I would read more than once. 

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