Thursday, November 6, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo | #TBT - Favorite Childhood Books

Welcome to Day 6 of the #BookBlogWriMo 2014 Challenge hosted by Book Bumblings! Go back to my introduction post in order to get more information about this challenge! It's not too late to join in and participate. :]

Today's topic is:

#TBT: Favorite Childhood Books
As I am typing this, I am sitting at my parent's house on my mom's laptop. Naturally, based on the topic, I asked my parents what some of my favorite books were as a child (honestly, I can't remember that far back!). Reading was something that I struggled with when I was younger, and even ended up taking a developmental class in elementary school in order to improve my reading skills because I was behind others my age. I am so relieved for that class, as I know I would not love to read as much as I do now if I still struggled that much with reading.
My mom tells me that I was a big fan of this Mother Goose nursery rhyme book that we had. As far as I remember, it just had tons of different nursery rhymes thrown together in it. As I got a bit older, I do know that I was a huge fan of the Junie B. Jones books, Nancy Drew, and The Babysitter's Club. I guess I was a fan of those kind of short, fun chapter books. Thinking back on these things was kind of fun; I enjoyed this prompt!

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