Sunday, November 2, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo | How I Read

Welcome to Day 2 of the #BookBlogWriMo 2014 Challenge hosted by Book Bumblings! Go back to my introduction post in order to get more information about this challenge! It's not too late to join in and participate. :]

Today's topic is:

How I Read

Honestly, I do not think that I am too picky about how I read my books. Perhaps that is just me thinking that I'm not picky because I am biased, though. I guess I am not quite sure... Whenever given the possibility, I do prefer to read a physical book whenever I have the opportunity to do so. It is just easier for me to keep track of where I am when reading a physical book, and it is much easier to mark things when it is a physical copy as well. Unfortunately, physical copies are also more expensive. I love how hardcover books look on my shelf, but I tend to purchase books in paperback because of the cost. Ah, money ruins everything!

All this being said, I am not opposed to reading on an e-reader. I started out with a Nook when it first came out, but I was not thrilled with it. It was fine, but B&N was still fairly expensive when it came to ebooks. I checked out my husbands Kindle and found that I really did prefer it. Because of this, for Christmas a couple of years ago my husband got me a Kindle. While I used it a bit then, I really did not begin using it steadily until I began my blog about nine months ago. Since then I have read and reviewed several ebooks, something that I am fine with. The only disadvantages are making sure that it stays charged, fitting it in my purse, and marking things as I read.

When it comes to marking things, I am a little bit picky about how I do this. I am pretty unsure about marking in finished copies, so usually I was jot down the page number and quotes in a notebook so that I do not actually have to write in the book. When it comes to ARCs I will take notes and highlight right in the book because I know that if I enjoy the book that I will end up buying a finished copy anyway. I was recently a Beta Reader for an author, and I did write in that book a lot, and even dog-eared some pages, which is something that I rarely ever do in books. It was necessary, though. Overall, I am big on keeping notes in a notebook, though.


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  1. The idea of keeping notes in a notebook is nice ^^ I am not really a hardcover girl, but like you I do prefer paperbacks over everything else. I have an awful lot of them, piles of them just waiting to be read! I am glad you switched over to Kindle because in general they are nicer to use (but I may be biased). Like you I didn't really maximize the use of mine until blogging. Now I love my kindle and it's my baby <3

    Nice post!


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