Saturday, November 8, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo | My Blogging Toolkit

Welcome to Day 8 of the #BookBlogWriMo 2014 Challenge hosted by Book Bumblings! Go back to my introduction post in order to get more information about this challenge! It's not too late to join in and participate. :]

Today's topic is:

My Blogging Toolkit

I am not sure that I really have too many essential tools in my blogger toolkit, but I will share what I think counts. 

1. Laptop - I do everything for my blog on my laptop unless there is absolutely no way for me to do so. Sometimes I end up staying at my parents (they live close to the school I work at), and when I am there I will either borrow my mom's laptop or create the post on my phone if I can. Still, I prefer to use my laptop because I know where I have everything saved and I'm used to how it works.

2. Google Calendar - I am so grateful that someone told me about Google Calendar when I was so early into blogging because it is one of the best things ever. When I sign up to post a reveal or blog tour, I make sure to add it to the calendar so I do not forget. I also change the colors of the posts once I have typed them so I know what is done and what still needs to be typed up. If you don't already use this, I would highly recommend it.

3. Goodreads - honestly, I reference Goodreads in almost every post that I do. If I need a cover picture, I always look up the book on Goodreads and take the picture from there so I know that they are all the same size. I also use the site for publishing/author/release day info. It's also just fun to look around on the site daily to see about new books I might want to read.

4. Notebook - Even though I type everything on my laptop, I am still a huge fan of handwriting things in notebooks as well. I am just a fan of notebooks in general, really. I like to write things down, it's just how I've always been. I will usually keep notes as I read a book so I remember things to write in my reviews, plan out a blog post that I know I want to do, or maybe just brainstorm some possible future posts. I tend to always have a notebook with me.

I would say that those are my main tools for blogging. Nothing too exciting, but they definitely work for me.

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