Saturday, November 8, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo | #FlashbackFriday - Blog's First Design

Welcome to Day 7 of the #BookBlogWriMo 2014 Challenge hosted by Book Bumblings! Go back to my introduction post in order to get more information about this challenge! It's not too late to join in and participate. :] (Sorry, late again. This week was crazy.)

Today's topic is:

#FlashbackFriday - Blog's First Design 

For this one, we were supposed to use WayBack Machine in order to take a screenshot of our first blog design. The site only had one capture of my blog, but luckily it was done before my design change. As most of you probably already know, I recently had a design made just for my blog, and I am thrilled with it. Before that, I only had one other design, and I just threw it together on my own. It was not the worst, but it certainly was not the best, either. I will leave you with the picture. :] 

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