Sunday, September 28, 2014

I Have Returned!

Did you miss me? My husband and I had a wonderful time celebrating our second wedding anniversary at Universal Studios, seeing the Harry Potter parks and everything else they had to offer. It was so nice to get away, and I think it was a much needed vacation for both of us. It was sooo much fun! I will probably share information about our trip on my personal blog, and when I do so I will also share the link here in a post.

That being said, I found that I really did miss blogging. I had been pretty bad about it as of late, and it was not until I went so many days in a row without writing that I realized that I really, really miss it right now. I HAVE to find more time to write more blog content, comment you awesome bloggers, and keep up-to-date with my blog-related social media. Along with that, soon I should be working with Imagination Designs to begin the new design for the blog! WOO! 

So, for now I will leave you with a question. How do you guys use social media to help promote your blog? Thanks in advance for any advice!


  1. You better make a blog post with all the pictures you ever took of Universal Studios and the Harry Potter park! I'm so glad to hear you had an amazing time.

    As for the social media - we have a Bookshelf Reflections Twittter account and Facebook page, where we automatically post updates of blog posts. I also use Goodreads sometimes.

    1. I will definitely make a post sharing TONS of pictures - I did take a ton, I bet my husband got tired of stopping every three seconds so I could take them! He was a very good sport about it, though! :]

      Awesome, I have a Facebook page for the blog, but I stopped doing the auto updates because I was worried about flooding my friends with the posts, and a lot of my FB friends don't follow my blog. Perhaps I should just create a second FB account for my blog? I do have it update on twitter, though. Thanks for the advice! :]

    2. Your friends will only get the posts if they actually like the page, which is why I only invited the friends who are interested in books (like my GR friends), and they can always choose to join or not. Most of the likers are fellow book bloggers.


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