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Cover Concepts: September 21 - 27

Happy Monday! Welcome to the feature Cover Concepts on my blog. Every Monday I am going to create a post with all of the young adult book covers that are releasing within the week. I will then tell you all what I think about the covers; If I love them, or if I think that they could be better. At the end of the post, I will give you all a chance to vote on your favorite cover of the week. As I pick a lot of my reads based on their covers, this seemed like the perfect feature for me to begin on the blog. Feel free to leave comments with your opinions of the covers as well, and we can discuss them! :] 

Would you look at that, I'm actually posting at a normal time this week! I had time this weekend, so I made myself sit down and get all my posts for this weeks typed up and scheduled so I did not have to worry about it, especially since I will be out of town most of this week (YAY!). Once again, there are A LOT of new YA releases this week, apparently September just exploded with YA books. Because of this, there will not be a poll at the end of this post...and a lot of us are probably broke at the moment. Let's chat about what books you've picked up this month, and which ones on this list you might buy! 

1. The Bodies We Wear by Jeyn Roberts - September 23
The Bodies We Wear #1
Thoughts: The title of this book makes me a bit nervous about what might happen in this book; which is probably funny. I just get a little uneasy when I think something might be too scary for me! I do like this cover, though. I like that they were able to use a cover model without it being completely obnoxious. The font is cool, and I'm okay with the rain stuff as well.

2. Lark Rising by Sandra Waugh - September 23
Guardians of Tarnec #1
Thoughts: Wow, this cover is BEAUTIFUL! It was difficult to see the detail when it was so small on Goodreads, but it looks amazing bigger like this. The branches look awesome, and I just like how the whole thing was drawn out.

3. On a Clear Day by Walter Dean Myers - September 23
Thoughts: I am surprised that this book is actually a dystopian based on this cover - I only know this is the case thanks to Goodreads. This cover looks more like a set of high school students who are going out for Student Council, honestly. I don't like how their faces are oddly colored or covered by the font. It's just not good.

4. Skink - No Surrender by Carl Hiaasen - September 23
Skink #7
Thoughts: Well, it definitely matches the other covers in the serious. They're all mainly one solid color with a simple picture and big font. I don't think that there is anything wrong with it, though it is a little bit boring as well. It's average, I would say.

5. Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan - September 23
The Lynburn Legacy #3
Thoughts: Once again, it definitely matches the previous covers in the series. I feel like it's very similar to a lot of covers that we have already seen, though. With the trees and stuff around the edges, and just the silhouette of the girl. I think that the title font is pretty, but aside from that I'm not too impressed. It's definitely not my favorite color for a book cover, either.

6. Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant - September 23
Messenger of Fear #1
Thoughts: I am thrilled to see that Michael Grant is starting a new series. I have yet to read anything in the Gone series, but I do have the first book. I do think that this cover is nice, though. I mean, it is not especially breath taking or anything, but I do think that it's nice enough. I like the color and the flames, and even the font is nice.

7. In a Handful of Dust by Mindy McGinnis - September 23
Not a Drop to Drink #2
Thoughts: I think that most of us can agree that the covers in this series are pretty great. I think that the font is awesome, and I can't decide which cover I like more between the two. I really, really want to read this series as soon as I can.

8. Remember Me by Romily Bernard - September 23
Find Me #2
Thoughts: I actually like this cover better than the first book in the series. With the first one, it's a picture straight on of the girl's face, and it creeps me out quite a bit. In this one, her hair is at least covering her face some. I do like how the title is repeated over and over to make up the majority of the cover. Overall, I think that it is a nice concept.

9. Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld - September 23
Thoughts: I am SO excited that Scott Westerfeld is starting a new series as well! I do like this cover, even though it is pretty simple. I do like it much better than the covers of the Uglies series. I am also pretty intrigued by the tagline of this one.

10. Salt & Storm by Kendall Kulper - September 23
Thoughts: I have loved this cover since I first saw it pop up as ARCS. I think that the cover color is absolutely amazing, and I like the rope as well. I like that it creates a heart in one place, and then is being frayed apart in another. That has to have some symbolism, yes?

11. Tabula Rasa by Kristen Lippert-Martin - September 23
Thoughts: Yuck. I am not a fan of eyes being on covers. It's one think if the eye is closed (thinking the Shatter Me series), but it really creeps me out when their eyes are open like this. Sure, the color is really pretty, and they would be awesome eyes to see in person, but I don't need it huge like this on a book.

12. Firebug by Lish McBride - September 23
Firebug #1
Thoughts: "Setting things right one fire at a time." Hmm, that might be a little too obvious based on the cover picture. I know it's supposed to be clever, but I'm not digging it. The cover picture is actually pretty cool, though. I like the ring on the thumb, and that obviously a character can control fire or something.

Poll: There we have it, those are the majority of the young adult books releasing this week. Which cover is your favorite of the week? Seeing as there are SO many books this week, I'm not going to create the poll as usual. Instead, simply leave a comment telling me your favorite cover this week and we can discuss them! :]

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