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Blogger Spotlight: Tiffany (Me!)

Hey all! Unfortunately, the person I had lined up to be hosted on Blogger Spotlight this week did not get back to me. I did not want to completely forget about this week (or move forward the next person since I gave her a date to expect her post, I'm looking at you Inge!), so I thought I would just answer the questions myself to give you all a little bit more information about myself. Also, I am down to just two scheduled posts in the future, so if you would like to be hosted on Blogger Spotlight, please let me know! (My Google Drive freaked out not long after the first one, so if you signed up and I never emailed you, I wasn't able to see your information so go ahead and notify me again so I can email you!).

(This picture isn't completely recent, as I have cut off a lot of my hair since - it's about three weeks old - but it's one of my favorites of myself lately)

1. Tell us about yourself; nicknames, occupation, pets, family, etc. 
As you already know, my name is Tiffany. I don't go by a whole lot of nicknames - some people call me Tiff, though it's not something that I really like. My family is pretty big on "pet names" though, so a lot of my nicknames have nothing to do with my name. My dad likes to call me egg head, and my mom has been calling me Boo since I was young. I am a teacher, and am currently in my third year of doing so. I have moved to a new school in a new district (the one I grew up going to school in), and I am really loving it. I teach seventh grade reading, and my students have been great so far. My husband and I will have been married two years on the twenty-third of this month, we have owned our house for a little over a year, and we have a miniature Schnauzer named Sirius.

2. How long have you been blogging?
Actually, today it has been exactly seven months. It's hard to believe that it has already been that long, but it makes me very happy as well. I am loving this blogging thing, though it's been a bit more difficult lately going back to work, and starting at a new school.
3. How did you decide on your blog name?
I'm actually not completely sure how I came up with my blog name. I knew that I wanted a book blog, but I also knew I didn't want an overused or boring name, which was something I was really, really worried about. I'm not always the most creative, especially when on the spot. I spent some time thinking about it and managed to come up with my blog name, though. I am incredibly happy with it.  
4. What is your favorite type of post?
I am not sure that I really have a favorite kind of post at this point; it really depends on my mood more than anything else. Sometimes I really want to do a meme, like my Cover Concepts on Mondays or Top Ten Tuesdays (I have been really bad about these lately). Sometimes I just rambling on about things I enjoy, and other times I really, really enjoy writing up a review. Like I said, it really just depends on the mood I'm in.  
5. What 3 books would you recommend to everyone?
I am going to cheat a little bit because they aren't all separate books - I think that it's okay to cheat in times like this, though!
1. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling 
2. Any book written by Sarah Dessen (I am so thrilled that she released that she has another book coming out. I can't wait for it next year!)
3. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
6. What author are you dying to meet?
This has always been such an easy question for me. I would love, love, LOVE to meet and talk to Sarah Dessen in person. She is one of the reasons that I fell in love with reading and continued to read, and I just feel like she would be so fun to meet in person. I definitely wouldn't mind some autographs on my books, either! 

7. What Hogwarts house would you be in? (OR Divergent faction)
 I would definitely be in Ravenclaw, no doubt about it. While I think that I would enjoy Gryffindor as well, I am just not that brave. I put a lot of merit in knowledge and I love always having a book with me, so I think that definitely says Ravenclaw.

As for Divergent faction, I always struggle with it. I would say Erudite if they didn't end up being such horrible people. I think that I would probably end up being Divergent because I don't really match up with any of the factions.

8. Favorite Quote?
"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." - HP; J.K. Rowling

Ten Random Facts: 

1. I would go to bed by 8 every night if I could. Sleeping early is one of my hobbies, apparently. I'm just so exhausted so early.
2.   I am obsessed with my Toms. I have a blue and white pair that I wear with almost everything. I just got a gray pair as well that I'm starting to break in as well as they actually match much more than my blue ones do.
3.  I am really picky and indecisive when I get dressed in the morning. If I don't feel good in something, then I will refuse to wear it because I know that it will bother me all day.
4. I cannot stand having stains on my clothes. Even if it is something small, it's all I will be able to think about for the rest of the day. I suppose it's slight OCD or something of the sort. 
5. I don't like listening to the radio in the morning because I don't like the talk show stuff. Instead, I make CDs to use in my car in the mornings and save the radio for the afternoon.
6. I like to sing loudly in my car. As I drive about 100 miles every day back and forth to work, I have to find some way to entertain myself.
7. I really do not enjoy listening to audiotapes, unless I have the book in front of me so I can follow along as well. That makes it impossible for me to listen to them in the car, though that would be a much better way to spend my drive most days.
8. I used to hate tomatoes, and now I feel like I could eat them on almost everything. It's funny how our tastes can change like that.
9. I have a slight (or huge) addiction to Target. I love everything about that store, and can spend quite a bit of time just walking around looking at everything, even if it's not something that I actually need.
10. I have lived in Texas since I was seven, and I absolutely hate the heat. 

Thanks for reading! Remember to contact me if you would like to be featured on a future Blogger Spotlight.



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  1. It was fun to get to know you. I love your pup's name! I always sort as Ravenclaw too (as do my hubby and daughter).

    I don't envy your commute--100 miles round trip? Whoa. I'll take my 12 minute train ride, even when it's standing room only or I have to sit next to someone who blathers on their cell phone the whole trip.


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