Sunday, December 28, 2014

Book Buying in 2015

Before I talk about my bookish and blogging resolutions later this week, I thought I would discuss how I intend to handle book buying in 2015. As you are fellow book bloggers/readers, I am sure you understand the problem of buying too many books because they're inexpensive or because you have heard such good things about them. As I started my book blog just this year, and began reading many more books in a year then I used to, I did purchase A LOT of books this year. Probably way more than I needed to, but sometimes it's so hard to say "no". However, that is something that I am going to focus on this year, and because of that I am going to set a few rules for myself for my book buying in 2015. I do fully intend to stick to these rules, and I hope that I am successful with it!

Rule 1: I am going to set aside part of my spending budget each month to pre-order the new books I know that I am going to want that month. I am going to order them at the end of the previous month from Amazon to ensure that I can get them, but that I also don't fork over the extra money at Barnes and Noble because I happen to be in the store and see it there. Amazon prices are much better, and they will be shipped to me on the release day, so I know that I will not have to wait too long for them. I plan to pre-order no more than 4 for any given month (I just pre-ordered three for January, and I am very happy with my selections).

Rule 2: Aside from my pre-order books, I will only allow myself to buy a new book after reading five or more books that I already have on my shelves. That means for every five books I read that I already have, I will allow myself to pick up one book from a store such as Target or Half Price Books. This will cut down on a lot of the impulse buying that I tend to do when I see a new-ish book on sale at Target, and then come home and put it on the shelf and don't actually read it.

Rule 3: I am only going to buy a book if I really, really want to read it, and not just because it's on sale or has a pretty cover. I want to make sure if I am buying books this year that I am actually going to read them, and they won't just sit on the shelves collecting dust.

Rule 4: I am going to try not to buy anymore first books in a series until I finish some of the other series that I already own. This means I will allow myself to buy books to continue a series, but not any that start a brand new one unless I really, really want to read it.

Rule 5: I am going to start checking the reviews and ratings on Goodreads before I make a book purchase. Sure, it might not end up being the same for me since I have liked books that a lot of people hated, and hated books that a lot of people love. Still, I do think that it's a good starting point, so I am going to at least check it out before buying a book.

There we have it, the book buying rules I am going to try to stick to next year. Of course, I am sure I will have some months that are less successful than others (like when Book Outlet has huge sales and sends me coupons), but overall I am going to try to stick to this as much as possible. Is anyone else limiting their book buying in 2015? What are some rules you plan to stick to?


  1. These are some great habits to stick to! I'm having to be more cautious about buying books since I had to quit work back in November to focus more on nursing school.

    I always follow the Goodreads rule, I'll check the ratings and read a couple of reviews before I buy anything. It's kind of like an OCD habit, because I can't get anything without checking Goodreads first haha. But I do believe it saves me a lot in the way of buying not so good books :)

  2. You've got some good ideas here and I hope they work well for you. About the only 'rule' I try to follow is your fifth one. I don't always (or often, really) agree with the majority, but it's great for me to find out why people liked/disliked the book to gauge whether I'd like it or not.

  3. I like the idea here so that you don't go overboard on spending! The idea of preordering with a limit and reading five before buying one works well. I am going to be doing some traveling this year so I will have less money to spend on books. I have been receiving a lot for review instead lately, so I should be okay. Afterwards though, I intend to buy books in print that I have previous enjoyed on my kindle for my shelves!


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