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Review: Top Ten Clues You're Clueless by Liz Czukas

Top Ten Clues You're Clueless by Liz Czukas
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: December 9, 2014
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 289
Source: Own

Goodreads Synopsis:  
Top Five Things That Are Ruining Chloe’s Day

5) Working the 6:30 a.m. shift at GoodFoods Market

4) Crashing a cart into a customer’s car right in front of her snarky coworker Sammi

3) Trying to rock the “drowned rat” look after being caught in a snowstorm

2) Making zero progress with her crush, Tyson (see #3)

1) Being accused—along with her fellow teenage employees—of stealing upwards of $10,000

Chloe would rather be anywhere than locked in work jail (aka the break room) with five of her coworkers . . . even if one of them is Tyson. But if they can band together to clear their names, what looks like a total disaster might just make Chloe’s list of Top Ten Best Moments.


Review: Since I've been in such a bad reading slump lately, it seems like the only books I want to read are contemporary. I guess no matter what mood I'm in, or how bad my slump is, I can always deal with a nice, cute love story. Contemporary has always been my favorite genre, so I guess I am not too surprised by this. Top Ten Clues You're Clueless was a book I put on my TBR for January, so it was one that I really did want to get to within the month. It came to a point where the book just sounded really, really good, so I picked it up to take to work with me that day. Needless to say, by the time I went to bed that night I had finished the book and LOVED it. I didn't know much about it going in, but it was such a fantastic, fun, intriguing story.

The overall idea reminded me a bit of The Breakfast Club, which is a movie that I really love. The main character, Chloe works at a grocery store where she has to go in on Christmas Eve, supposedly for just a few hours. At her store, Goodfoods, they have been collecting money in order to donate to those less fortunate. On Christmas Eve when a news station comes to film the check being given, it turns out that someone has taken most of the money. Without giving too much away, someone says they're sure it was one of the teenage employees, so the group of them get stuck in the employee lounge of the store while they await the arrival of the police.

It reminded me of The Breakfast Club because the group of teens are all so different, though it was much for diverse than TBC, a nice added touch. Each of the teens has a different personality, different crushes between one another, and different things that they are dealing with in their lives, outside of being accused of stealing A LOT of money. Naturally, this means that there were points in the book where they did not get along at all, which made the whole thing more interesting. They were all under a lot of stress based on the situation, and it made perfect sense that they would snap a bit when they did not see eye-to-eye.

At a certain point I had mostly figured out what had happened, but I was still okay with it. It was not super obvious, just something that I took a guess at and ended up being right. I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and having figured it out didn't make me enjoy the ending any less. It was still interesting to see how the whole thing played out. I did not want to put it down, as I said before, and I always think that is a very good sign of a great book.

The romance in this book was incredibly cute, too. It's one of those where they clearly like each other, and probably have for awhile, but have not been brave enough to say anything. Instead, they flirt and drive everyone around them crazy because they won't just do something about it. I loved the diversity within the relationship as well, it is not something that you see a lot in YA novels, so it was a breath of fresh air.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were lovable and relate able, and it was a bit like a mystery though there was so much more to it than that. I think that anyone who enjoys a good YA contemporary would really enjoy this book. I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

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