Monday, August 18, 2014

Cover Concepts: August 17 - 23

Happy Monday! Welcome to the feature Cover Concepts on my blog. Every Monday I am going to create a post with all of the young adult book covers that are releasing within the week. I will then tell you all what I think about the covers; If I love them, or if I think that they could be better. At the end of the post, I will give you all a chance to vote on your favorite cover of the week. As I pick a lot of my reads based on their covers, this seemed like the perfect feature for me to begin on the blog. Feel free to leave comments with your opinions of the covers as well, and we can discuss them! :] 

I don't know if I've said this before, but I use the site YALit in order to get my new release books for the week. Because of this, I am sure that I miss some. However, it's easier just to go here and look at the list than try to search around for ALL of the new YA releases. This is why this week there are such few books, but it looks like next week will be a lot more, so it balances out! 

1. Gabi, a Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero - August 18
Thoughts: This cover is both incredibly creepy, but very intriguing. I like how the title has some parts that have been crossed out to make up the actual title of the book. It gives a little more insight into the book, and the character of Gabi before we even start reading. I like how it looks like the pictures have been cut and pasted out of magazines, so they don't really match up. Still, a part of it still creeps me out a little. It's definitely interesting.

2. False Future by Dan Krokos - August 19
False Memory #3
Thoughts: It looks like after book one this series had a cover change. I don't get why they keep doing that. I guess they think it helps book sales, but it can be very annoying. I actually really enjoy the original cover of the first book because there are things in the background and silhouettes of people. While this cover matches the new ones of book one and two, it's also incredibly boring. I'm not sure that this is a book I would reach for at the bookstore based on the cover alone.

3. Starlight's Edge by Susan Waggoner - August 19
Neptune's Tears #2
Thoughts: I am completely confused by the number of cover changes this series seems to have gone through already. If you look on Goodreads, it seems like there are already three different one. I don't know if they're all US or maybe a UK, but it's difficult to tell just from looking which can be frustrating. This cover doesn't seem to match any of the ones for book one, and it reminds me too much of several other space kissy covers that have been released at this point. The purple is also a bit too much. I'm not a fan. 

Poll: There we have it, those are the majority of the young adult books releasing this week. Which cover is your favorite of the week? Make sure to vote below!

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