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Blogger Spotlight: Veronika @ Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Blogger Spotlight. Please say a big hello to Veronika from Reading is Dreaming with Open Eyes! Once again, I have asked her some questions, and I am going to share her answers so that we can all get to know her better! Make sure to also go by her blog and leave a comment saying hello.

1. Tell us about yourself; nicknames, occupation, pets, family, etc. 
I’m a seventeen year old high school student who loves to read (surprise!), blog, hang out with friends, eat and shop. Everyone calls me Vera because seriously who has the patience to say a long name like Veronika every single time they want something from me? I live with my mum in a small village but I go to school in the capital, Budapest. Fortunately it’s only a little more than an hour away by bus. I'm used to travelling a lot and organizing my programs around train and bus schedules, I always plan everything ahead and I get terribly anxious whenever I have to reschedule.

I have four adorable cats, they aren’t allowed to come into the house but one or two of them are always around the main entrance waiting for a little petting or food. I’d had the cutest puli dog ever, Vicky but she unexpectedly died at the beginning of summer. One afternoon she was a bit weaker than usual and by the next morning she was already gone. I still have no idea what caused her death, she was only two and a half years old. :(

My mum and I have a great relationship, obviously we’re not the Gilmore girls, but I think she’s trying hard to understand me. Well at least until I start to ramble about books she has never heard of and I confuse her with all the information. Even if she likes to read she’ll never understand my obsession with books or with blogging.

I’m not the type who has countless friends but I have some pretty awesome ones. Most of them live in Budapest which makes it a bit harder to hang out a lot but we still manage it. Being far from them is maybe the thing I hate the most about not living closer to my school. I only have a few friends here because I’ve been going to school to Budapest ever since elementary school but I’m pretty close with them too.

I love all of my friends but seriously I have no idea why they stick with me because I can be so mean. I never want to hurt anyone but sometimes my jokes go too far, on my worst days I can be pretty bitchy. Seriously I would never ever befriend myself.

Well, when I’m not hanging out with them or reading then I usually browse books on Goodreads or obsess over clothes and other things on Pinterest, I’m addicted to these two web pages.

[Pinterest and Goodreads are both VERY addicting, so I understand! :] 

2. How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging this March. I wouldn't call myself professional by far but I'm trying hard to write great reviews and keep an order on my blog so readers can easily find everything. 

3. How did you decide on your blog name?
I tried and failed to come up with some creative title which suits me but is still connected to reading, I remember sitting in front of my computer and being eager to start the blog at that very second but I couldn't even come up with a normal name. Suddenly I remembered a quote I pinned on Pinterest "Reading is dreaming with open eyes" and that's where my blog title came from. 

4. What is your favorite type of post?
I’m pretty moody, so what kind of posts I prefer to write changes all the time. There are two memes (Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday) that I’d never miss. I can’t choose which one I like more, I love to write lists about different topics and then talk about my choices with others but getting to meet people who obsess over the same yet-not-published books as me is amazing as well. And let’s not forget how many books I added to my TBR list thanks to WoW posts.

5. What 3 books would you recommend to everyone?
Hard question because I know how different people's opinions can be about the same books but here are the three that I think most of you would love. 

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
I was so afraid to start this because I don’t usually read sci-fi but The Lunar Chronicles turned out to be one of my favorite series of all time. The best thing about this book is how real all the characters are plus I always laugh at the jokes and hilarious comments.  

Wait for You by J-Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
This was one of the first NA contemporary romances I have read and it’s still my favorite even after rereading it quite a few times. If you like this genre you should give a chance to Wait for You, I’m definite that it won’t disappoint you.

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas
I just couldn’t not recommend this wonderful book. Dangerous Girls had probably the most shocking ending I’ve ever read, I had to go back and reread the last few sentences to make sure that I didn’t missed something. Must read if you like mystery.  

6. What author are you dying to meet?
Maybe I’m the odd one here but I never felt the need to meet with my favorite authors. That doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in the people behind the pages but I only go as far as reading their blog posts. I’m ashamed to admit that for a long time I didn’t know anything about the authors I read books from, not even about my favorite ones.

Anyway, if I have to choose I’d love to meet with Jennifer L. Armentrout, I haven’t read all her books by far but the ones I read were awesome and she seems so sympathetic on the internet.

7. What Hogwarts house would you be in? (OR Divergent faction)
I would choose Gryffindor, and that’s not even a question. The company is the best there and really which other house has an as cool ghost as Nearly Headless Nick?

From the Divergent factions I can’t possibly choose, neither one of these fits me. I love reading but learning all day is just meh, so obviously I’d be a sucky Erudite, I can be particularly mean if I’m in the mood so Amity is out too and let’s just not talk about what kind of a Candor or Abnegation I’d be. Well, if I must, I would choose to become a Dauntless and die while training lol. 

8. Favorite Quote? Ever since I read Dangerous Girls this has been my favorite quote:
“Any one of us could be made to look a monster, with selective readings of our history.”

Ten random facts:

-         I always wanted to live in the USA, maybe in England but at this point most English speaking country would do.
-         I am disgusted by snails. I always look at the ground after it rained because my biggest fear is one sticking onto my shoes if I step on it. Whenever I accidently step on one I always scream in this high-pitched voice, my neighbors must think I’m crazy.
-         I love to do my friends’ and my nails, so it’s not a surprise that another thing I obsess over on Pinterest is nail design.
-         I’m pretty tall (178 cms) but I love to wear high-heeled shoes because they are just soo pretty. Naturally, I can’t wear higher than 8-10cm because it would make travelling impossible but at the moment I’m satisfied with this.
-         I love to shop with my friends and mum but I do prefer my mum. We don’t wear the same kind of clothes but we know what the other prefers and we always laugh at all the ridiculous ones.
-         Clothes and books are on the same level for me, whenever I have some money to spend I have to think through twice what I want more: new clothes or more books. 
-         I can’t go a day without music, I listen to all kinds but my favorite is pop. Again, ‘lucky’ neighbors. They have the chance to listen to the same music as me whenever I switch on my hi-fi.
-         I started to learn Spanish because I read it on the internet that it’s easy, yeah I don’t think so. The pronunciation isn’t hard but all those tenses… and the conjugation!
-         I love the idea of watching tv shows but in reality I rarely watch any. Before summer vacation started I had this big plan that I will watch approx five tv shows which at least have two season, well it did not happened like that. Whenever I start to watch a show I always end up feeling horrible because I’m neglecting my books. I know this is crazy but I can’t help it. There are a few I’d never miss: American Horror Story, The 100 and Salem.
-    I usually read on the classes I hate, such as: Physics and Chemistry. If the book is good enough I might just continue it on Geography, Biology and unfortunately even on History. I know I know it’s horrible but after I once did this it was impossible to resist the urge the next time.  

Doesn't Veronika sound awesome! Thanks again for being a part of Blogger Spotlight, Veronika! I had so much fun getting to know more about you. Remember to stop by her blog and show her some love! Also, if you would like to be showcased on a future Blogger Spotlight, please contact me.

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  1. I'm so happy for being able to take part in your blogger spotlight, Tiffany. You really lead an amazing blog here. :)
    Thank you so much for having me.


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