Monday, July 7, 2014

Cover Concepts: July 6 - 12

Welcome to a new feature here at my blog! Every Monday (or perhaps every other, depending on the number of releases any given week) I am going to create a post with all of the young adult book covers that are releasing within that week. I will then tell you all what I think about the covers; if I love them, or if I think that they could be better. At the end of the post, I will give you all a chance to vote on your favorite cover of the week. As I pick a lot of my reads based on their covers, this seemed like the perfect feature for me to begin on the blog. Feel free to leave comments with your opinions as well! 

Thoughts: I'm pretty bored by this cover, if I'm being honest. I am not sure how Tarzan is going to translate to a book like this to begin with, but I feel like they could have done much better things with this cover. I do like the color of the title, but everything else is dull. Also, I hate that tagline. 

2. The Half Life of Molly Pierce by Katrina Leno - July 8
Thoughts: I am actually not completely sure how I feel about this one. I think that I like it, though I am not sure about the face in the back, either. I really like the colors and the font of the title, so that makes it work for me. 

3. Demon Derby by Carrie Harris - July 8 
Thoughts: Yeah, I can say for a fact that I don't like this cover at all. The colors aren't working, and I hate the little symbol in the middle. It's not working for me.

4. Embers & Ash (Cold Fury #3) by T.M. Goeglein - July 10
Thoughts: I have not read any of this series, but I did just look up the previous two covers in the series. They do all match, which is very important to me as I like all of the books to look the same on my shelf. I think that this cover works, though. I like the split between the top and the bottom, and the yellow is working.

5. Where Silence Gathers (Some Quiet Place #2) by Kelsey Sutton - July 8
Thoughts: This cover freaks me out quite a bit, if I'm being honest. The body shape of the girl is a bit strange, though it does seem like the book might be a bit dark, so I guess that it might fit. I do like the cover of book one better than this one, though. All the colors are kind of muted and dull.

6. Thirty Sunsets by Christine Hurley Deriso - July 8
Thoughts: I am bored with this cover as well. It seems like something that we see pretty often. I do like how the sun looks in the picture based on the title, but it's not one that I'm dying to have for my shelf.

Thoughts: This is BY FAR, one of my favorite covers of the year so far. I just think that it is absolutely gorgeous and so detailed. The clouds look lovely, and I adore the look of the girl with her dress and the flower headband in her hair. The font is perfect as well. This is a definite win. 

8. The Defiant (The Forsaken #3) by Lisa M. Stasse - July 8
Thoughts: Wow. This cover is pretty amazing, I must admit. I am getting tired of seeing just regular 'ol faces on covers, so this definitely brings something new and different to the mix. It matches the other covers in the series, but I think that it is the best so far. The colors go together very well.

9. Through to You by Lauren Barnholdt - July 8
Thoughts: Well, it clearly tells the reader that it's a contemporary read. Other than that, I'm not too intrigued.

10. Four: A Divergent Story Collection by Veronica Roth - July 8
Thoughts: I am SO excited about this book coming out tomorrow! I absolutely love this cover, though I might be a bit biased since I love the series so much. I am upset that they are all combined in one book, and therefor I do not get to have all of the other covers as I love all of the novella covers. Oh well.

11. Idols (Icons #2) by Margaret Stohl - July 8
Thoughts: I think that this cover is pretty good (aside from that annoying sticker at the bottom. Hopefully they don't all have that). I have book one in the series, and this book does match it, but I think the colors are a bit more bland here. I do like the water going through the title, though.

12. Midnight Thief (Midnight Thief #1) by Livia Blackburne - July 8
Thoughts: I am very excited about this book releasing tomorrow as well. I have read SO many good reviews about this book. While I am a little bored by this cover, I do think that it is nice enough. It could certainly be a lot worse, at least. 

POLL: There we have it, those are the majority of the young adult books releasing this week. Which cover is your favorite for the week? Make sure to vote below!

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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of any of those covers though I have to agree some of them are quite nice. My favourite will have to be The Defiant though. I love the concept of the cover.


  2. I like this new feature you have going on :) A lot of the covers this week didn't really work for me. I do like Four & Kiss of Deception a lot & I need them on my shelves as of yesterday! I can't wait to see next weeks!!


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