Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review: Aoleon the Martian Girl Part 4 by Brent LeVasseur

Aoleon the Martian Girl - Part 4
By Brent LeVasseur

Category: Middle Grade
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Aoleon Press
Release Date: Feb 1, 2015

Goodreads Synopsis: Aoléon and Gilbert have become the Luminon’s top priority in stopping the Martian resistance movement, and after being chased by the Royal Paladin Guard, they are forced to flee the Martian Megalopolis. Aoléon, Gilbert and Zoot escape with the help of Bizwat and his newly found friend, Helios, a first generation soldierbot.

After their saucer is destroyed, they crash land somewhere in the deep Martian desert, and they set out to locate Kyrios and the secret base where Aoléon’s parents are being held captive.

After battling the forces of nature, starvation, a Klyklon dust storm, (and not to mention a giant slor that almost swallows them alive), they finally make it to their destination. However, after Kyrios gives Gilbert some basic training to develop his budding psionic power, they learn that their journey is far from over.

Will Aoléon, Glbert, Bizwat, Helios, and Zoot be able to rescue Aoléon’s parents and stop the Martian invasion of Earth in time? 


(This book is NOT part of Merit Press, but I am excited to bring you reviews of all five parts of this book this week as an addition to my July posts!)

Review:  You guessed it, I'm back again with my review of the next part of Aoleon the Martian Girl! Today is my review for part 4, and I was just as excited to pick up this part of the book as I was with the first three parts. I honestly was not sure that another part of the book could be as exciting and adventurous as the three previous parts had been, but then I read part 4. I think it is amazing that LeVasseur is able to bring in so many plot twists and adventures without it getting at all repetitive. While it has been able to keep me engaged, I have no doubt that it would keep middle school children engaged as well.

In this part of the book, we see Gilbert and Aoleon getting chased away from her planet as they try their best to save the cows on Earth. They have been found out, though, and so they must run for their lives in order to survive what is going on. Along with making sure that they stay safe, they now have to figure out where Aoleon's parents are being held captive so that they can save them as well. Talk about a lot of stress for two young characters! I do believe that Gilbert and Aoleon have majored thus far throughout the book, and that is an excellent example to set in a middle grade story. The theme of friendship is on that is very relate able, as well. However, I do think that it is beneficial to add in all of the political features as well, as those are often left out of middle school novels.

The thing that is becoming my favorite part of the book, aside from the illustrations, is the language that is used. In a way, it feels as though that LeVasseur has made up a new language to go along with the world that he has created, and that makes things even more exciting. Everything has its own name and meaning, and the characters' names are fun as well (I especially love Helios since I am such a mythology fan!). As with the three previous parts, the illustrations are wonderfully vivid and eye-catching. I don't think that I could ever get tired of looking at them. LeVasseur has created something magical when the words and pictures are put together. I cannot wait to read part five and see how the story ends. 

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