Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Have Returned!

It's safe to say that I took a little, unofficial hiatus from blogging. I did not do it intentionally, but I did feel that it was something I was in the need of, so I simply let it happen. I had a couple of vacations, which you probably know if you follow my Instagram (tyork0923), and I just decided not to stress myself out as the school year was ending and summer was beginning. I felt like I HAD to write up blog posts instead of WANTING to, and that was something that made me very uneasy. Instead of forcing posts that I was not interested in, I allowed myself to take the break. I was not reading, and had nothing to walk about, so it just made sense. I am happy to say that I am back now, though. Sure, my reading is still down and I will probably still have moments that I don't feel like writing, but I think for the most part it is over. So, this is me saying I should be back to the blogging, commenting, and reading. Thanks for hanging in there with me!


  1. Welcome back, Tiffany!
    I know what you mean. Late last year I took a hiatus because I just wasn't feeling it. When I came back, I started having a lot more fun and it so didn't feel like a chore. I hope you can start enjoying blogging again.

  2. Welcome back!! We've missed you :D


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