Monday, January 19, 2015

Updated Pages

I have seen a lot of posts this month about spending time updating and changing some things on our blogs, and since I had a three day weekend off from work I decided it would be the best time to update some things that I had really neglected for the past few months. My first priority was to make sure that I updated all of the pages I have at the top of my blog. Some of them were terribly out of date, so I spent quite a bit of time fixing that.

If you look through my pages, I updated the About Me, Contact Me, Review Policy, and Reviews pages in order to reflect the most up-to-date information. Honestly, it was something that was important as a blog owner, but it also felt good to do it. It felt like a good update that needed to happen for the new year, and I am going to try to work very hard to keep them up-to-date as the year continues.

Along with my pages, I spent some time this weekend cleaning up my sidebar as well. I got rid of some things that I knew did not need to be there and that probably weren't used very often by my readers, so they were just taking up space. In addition, I added a "Top Commentators" widget in order to keep track of the bloggers who leave the most comments on my blog (you all rock, a post dedicated to you all is coming very soon!)

How about you? Have you spent time any time so far this year updating and changing anything on your blog? What do you think of the changes I have made? Do you see/think there is anything else I could or should do to improve my blog? Want me to look at yours? Let's talk about it in the comments below!

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  1. Ugh, I really need to update my pages and my sidebars but it just sounds so unappealing. I only have so much free time right now with school so maybe this summer once I'm done I can sit down and go through everything. I really like the idea of a top commenters widget, I'll have to check that out :-)


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