Friday, March 28, 2014

Harry Potter Questionnaire

Happy Friday! It has been a long, difficult, stressful week, so I thought that I would do something a bit fun on the blog today. (or tonight, as it is almost ten and I have just found the time to post. That happens sometimes, I suppose!). I don't know about you all, but I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I decided to complete a questionnaire. I found this one on Harry Potter Forum. Feel free to join in and fill it out as well! If you do, be sure to leave a comment so I can read through yours as well! :]

Harry Potter Questionnaire:

1. If you went to Hogwarts, which house would you be sorted into?
I want to say Gryffindor. Just because, well, you know. However, if I was going based on my actual personality and habits, I have no doubt that I would probably be in Ravenclaw. I'm very much okay with this, too.

2. Have you been to a HP midnight release? 
Yes, but only two. I went to the midnight release of the book for Deathly Hallows, as well as the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows Part 2. Both were a lot of fun and completely worth staying up that late.

3. What did you think of the Deathly Hallows?
I thought that it was awesome! It was a little hard to read sometimes, but not because the writing or storyline were not good, but because it was difficult to read about some of my favorite characters being killed. Still, it was great.

4. How many times have you re-read the books?
I actually have not re-read any of them yet. I have gotten through about half of the first book for a second time, but I do hope to eventually re-read all of the books again.

5. Whose death was the saddest?
Wow, this is so tough. So many of them were sooo sad that it was difficult to read. I think I would have to say Tonks and Lupin, though. I thought that it was wonderful when their love story came together, and it was devastating to have them both die, though I suppose it may have been more difficult to take one dying and the other not. Either way, it was rough.

6. If you went to Hogwarts would you rather have a cat, an owl, or a rat?
OWL! I absolutely love owls, and it seems like it would be awesome to have one as a pet. They can even bring your mail back and forth, and I think that is pretty awesome!

7. What do you think of the movie Half-Blood Prince?
I thought that all of the movies were very well done, so I enjoyed it very much. I feel that the movies definitely got better with each one, too, which makes sense as the actors are getting older and more confident/comfortable in their roles.

8. What do you think about the Deathly Hallows being split into two?
While I feel like this is completely unnecessary for some books (say, Breaking Dawn for example), I do think that it was something that was needed for the Harry Potter series. There was just SO much in the last book that they could not leave out, so I am happy they chose to go with two separate movies instead of taking way too much information out to make it into one. I was happy with the choice.

9. Have you read the Tales of Beedle the Bard?
I have not, but I am pretty happy with just sticking with the seven books in the series.

10. When did you first become a Potter fan?
Honestly, I cannot even remember, but I know that it was a very long time ago. I would say that it was probably in the fourth grade? I believe that was the year that my teacher read us one of the books (before they were so widely banned), and I fell in love with the story right away, though it was not until middle school that I continued reading the series myself.


Female Character: Hermione Granger

Male Character: Sirius Black

Professor: Lupin, but I like Snape as well.

Death Eater: Draco...he technically counts, right?

Magical Creature: Hippogriff

Spell: Lumos

Quote: "Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon."

Movie: Deathly Hallows Part 2

Hogwarts' House: Gryffindor

Place: Hogsmeade

Weasley: Ron

Couple: Ron and Hermione

Gryffindor or Slytherin? Gryffindor

Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw

Fred or George? Both

Ginny or Luna? Luna

Butterbeer or Firewhiskey? Firewhiskey

Daigon Alley or Hogsmeade? Hogsmeade

Books or Movies? Books

Half-Blood Prince or Deathly Hallows? Deathly Hallows

Philosopher's Stone or Chamber of Secrets? Chamber of Secrets

Snape or Slughorn? Snape

Lupin or Sirius? Both ha

Harry/Ginny or Harry/Hermione? Harry/Ginny

Lavender Brown or Parvati Patil? Parvati Patil

Seamus Finnigan or Dean Thomas? Seamus

Kreacher or Dobby? Dobby

Muggleborn or Pureblood? Muggleborn

Dan or Rupert? Rupert

Bellatrix or Narcissa? Narcissa

Voldemort or Tom Riddle? Voldemort

Hedwig or Crookshanks? Hedwig

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